Christmas Gift Guide 2018: For The Lazy Girl

Hi Guys!

I think it's fair to say that everyone is starting to think ahead to the festive period and for many that includes Christmas shopping. If you have no idea what you want/need to buy for that gal or guy in your life that seems to be surgically attached to the sofa and/or a blanket (me) then have no fear, my Lazy Gal Gift Guide is here!

Yes. You read that correctly. For the grand total of £4.99 (delivery included) you can get this suction mounted wine glass holder for your bath tub. If anyone is reading that may be looking to buy me a christmas present... this is what I would like!

I'm not going to lower myself and say this is a onesie like M&S have done on their website, it's an all in one or a casual, loungewear jumpsuit, okay? This bad boy is actually on my christmas list and OH MY it is the softest thing i've ever felt! It's perfect for long car journeys and travelling, but just think about the logistics of going to the toilet on a plane in an all in one! AND it's a bargain at just £28!

Can't be bothered to hold your phone to watch netflix or find the remote to put it on the tv? This projector is perfect!

I would never normally recommend spending just shy of £35 on a single cushion, but this one is just too chic not to! AND if you buy it now there's an extra 10% off with the code EXTRA10... you're welcome

Imagine having all of your makeup brushes cleaned and dried at the push of a button! It's a chore than can take absolutely ages and StylPro have nailed it with this electric makeup brush cleaner set!