10 Things to Make You Happy When The World is Going to Shit

Hi guys!

So sometimes it can feel like there's nothing all that great happening in the world, Donald Trump is president, the Brexit negotiations are a shambles, Love Island has now finished for another year and it can all get a bit too much. So i've devised a plan - a list of things that make me extremely happy - in the hopes that they make you happy too!

Open Air Cinemas
Jan and I went to see Notting Hill at an open air theatre recently and it was amazing! The amtmosphere was great, the film was great (it was my first time seeing it all the way through) and the overpriced, small yellow beanbags we paid for were surprisingly comfy!

Ebay Purchases Actually Being Good
I paidd £8.99 for a bright pink 'air sofa' that has since been dubbed the 'wafty thing' and let me tell you, its bloody brilliant! Yes, I did feel like a bit of a twat when i was running around outside my house to inflate it, and yes, it can be difficult to get out of. But it is bloody great.

Perfectly Crisp Yorkshire Pudding
Oooooh there's not much better, is there?

Getting a Seat on the Central Line
Getting a seat on the central line at rush hour is like gold dust, they just dont exist. I'm convinced the trains arrive at the first stop on the line with all of the seats already taken.

Receiving a 'Pub?' Text
Most of the times I get the 'Pub?' text I can't make it because i'm busy/tired/poor/binge watching the Great British Bake Off. But every so often that message arrives in your inbox at just the right time and you think, 'yeah, I will go to the pub on a tuesday actually'

Brooklyn 99
It's great, go and watch it.

Silly Buzzfeed Quizes
Kirsten regularly sends me links to quizzes that she knows I don't have time to do yet will do anyway.

The UK Heatwave
It's looking like it will be here for a while, and while we are being 100% stereotypically British and complaining, it is quite nice to have consistently sunny days!

When the Clothes You Bought Online Fit Perfectly
Online shopping can be an absolute struggle, but sometimes pieces arrive and they fit great AND look great, so you don't have to do the walk of shame back to the corner shop to send your Asos package back.

Watching the Sun Rise
I did this for the first time recently at 2000 Trees, and whilst it was accidental, it was beautiful