The Tourist Guide To: Barcelona

Hi guys!

So, you may have seen that recently I've been off on me 'olidays and went to Barcelona and Rome, and you guys seemingly loved my 'Tourists Guide to Dublin' so I thought I'd give it another whirl!

I've been to Barcelona a couple of times now, once in January in 2015 and more recently in May.
My first bit of advice is to seriously think about where you stay This year we stayed in a little 2-bed apartment outside of the city centre, so it was a considerable amount cheaper AND it was right next to a metro stop so it was easy to get around.

If you know in advance what you want to do, it's best if you sort out an itinerary beforehand, that way you can book your tickets for things online in advance. It is often cheaper this way and the majority of the big queues are for buying tickets, so you get to skip that part of the line. We did this for part of Park Guell and when we were there someone tried to buy a ticket at 1pm and they didn't have anything available till 6pm.

It's worth it. Seriously worth it. I've been both times now and both times I've been overwhelmed by it.

The views are great and all, but that's about it. We paid to go into the extra section and we were really underwhelmed. If you want amazing views over the city, either visit the park for free and don't bother with the extra section, or go up the cable car to Miramar. You can either go up and then walk down the hill to the metro (it only took us 10-15 minutes, but it's quite steep at first) or you can get a return ticket and when you've finished enjoying the panoramic views across the city you can head back down.

So that's my Barcelona Tourist Guide. If you think there's anything else that is a must-do then let me know, I'm sure I'll be going back sometime soon!

Emily xo