Moving On and Getting Over

Hi Guys!

I have a dilemma, and I am sure at least one of you has been in this situation. (If you have could you please get in touch and help a gal out?)

I need advice on a situation im in. Someone left my life, through their own choice. They then decided they wanted to be on my life, we had the whole 'i really miss you' conversation. They came back into my life but now... They're not really arsed?

What do I do?
Do I carry on trying to make something of nothing, or do I just bite the bullet and say enough is enough and if you do want to be in my life like you say you do then you are actually required to put some effort in, and at least text me back!

I'm so torn and conflicted about this, I used to be incredibly close to this person and now I feel like they didnt want things to change, they just did it for the sake of it?

I'm sorry this is incredibly vague - but i'm not the sort of person to name and shame someon on a blog!

Please tell me what you would do though!

Emily xo