The Best 'Traditional' Easter Eggs for 2018

Hi guys!

Easter is oh so close now, which is good news for everyone struggling with their Lent sacrifices (I didn't give anything up this year and I don't regret it) and I thought I would kick off the festivities by sharing some of the best 'traditional chocolate' Easter Eggs on the market this year!

MooFree Bunnycomb Easter Egg £4.00

This one is for all the plant-based people out there - this one is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. It is a little bit smaller than most of the 'Traditional' chocolate eggs on the market, however, it's also the cheapest on this list!

For those Quality Street fans that are a bit gutted at their disappearance from the shelves the second Christmas Day is over, look no further! This Easter Egg is filled with all the classics from the Quality Street range that will certainly feel right at home with this wintery weather we are having!

Again, following up on the slightly Christmassy theme, Afer Eight have released their 'premium' egg for all of those in love with the quintessential after dinner mint. Not only do you get the classic mint flavoured dark chocolate egg, but also a box of the actual chocolates... Bargain!

Daim is my absolute favourite chocolate bar and for Cadbury's to incorporate it in the actual egg this year has made me feel all kinds of happy! As well as the actual egg you also receive a bar of Daim, it can't get better than this surely?

I was wrong - it very obviously can get better!
This Edinburgh Gin Easter Egg comes accompanied with a mini liqueur, and if rhubarb and ginger isnt for you then there's also an Elderflower alternative.