To Leave/To Be Left by Robbie Cavanagh ⎪ #MusicMonday

Hi guys!

I am aware that it has been a sweet while since I last blogged, and even longer since I did a #MusicMonday post so I've brought it back for one specific reason.
Robbie Cavanagh has released his Album To Leave/To Be Left and it's bloody glorious!

I'm going to round up some of the reasons why you should buy this album, which will be linked below.

  • Still Talking 

This song makes me want to cry every single time I listen to it, and I'm not even sure why! If you want one reason as to why you should buy this album, then buy it just so you can listen to this song.

  • Powerful Lyrics

It's not just Still Talking that gets to me, every single song on this record has phenomenal lyrics and there's no 'weak' song that so many albums seem to have

  • Incredible Voice

I've seen Robbie a couple of times at Songwriters nights in London and every time I've been left speechless by every single song, the powerful lyrics coupled with Robbie's voice is just a match made in heaven. 

  • Overall, He's an Alright Guy

He is genuinely one of the nicest and down to earth people I think I have ever met. I've known him for a couple of months now and he makes people happy just by being around. His jokes and puns are shite though.

As always, all the links will be below, as well as the dates to the mini-tour happening at the end of the month

Emily xo

Harrogate - 27th October - Warehouse
Manchester - 29th October - Soup Kitchen
Brighton - 31st October - The Prince Albert
London - 1st November - The Islington