Why I Won't Be Getting 'Beach Body Ready'

Hi Guys,

I'm off on holiday next year with my family to Barcelona (we're there for my birthday and I'm SO EXCITED) and for a minute a wave of panic washed over me as I thought 'Oh god, my body is no where near ready to be seen by the public'.

Over the past few months I've gained weight, and I will be the first to admit that. I wobble a bit when I walk, my stomach is no longer flat and lets not even talk about how un-perky my bum is. Do I really want to be on a beach with hundreds of other people? Do i really want to be documenting my life as I do now and posting the 'candid' pictures I regularly upload (top marks if you get that reference, if not then catch up HERE)

Then I remembered that it didn't matter. My body is beach body ready because my body is going to be on a beach. And that is that.

There is so much pressure on young women (and men, we don't discriminate here) to look a certain way thanks to the media and advertising, and quite frankly, its a load of rubbish. If you're confident enough to go out rocking a bikini, go out rocking a bikini. if you want to cover up and show less skin, you can cover up and show less skin. I think it's important that we stop letting other people have an influence over our opinion of ourselves - and it needs to stop now. The add above was featured heavily on the London underground and was understandably - and rightfully, met with an intense backlash, that now means the add is no longer featured. Why should you have to weigh a certain amount to wear a bikini?

As always, let me know your thoughts.

Emily xo