How to Make Long Distance Last

Hi guys!

I know what you may be thinking from the title 'holy crap, Emily is in a relationship?!?' but no, don't be stupid; I'm talking about long distance friendships!

Amsterdam was fabulous.

Leaving uni and saying goodbye to my friends was hands down one of the hardest things I've ever done - in fact I'd like to take this moment to apologise to everyone who saw me on the final day of Wychwood Festival in 2016 as I cried anytime Ellie and I looked each other in the eye because we knew what was going to happen in a couple of hours time (Ellie moved out of chelts that day)

I know many of you will be in a similar situation to me; either with friends doing placement years, friends living on the other side of the country/different countries after uni or even just friends that live fairly close to you but work awkward hours so it is nearly impossible to see them.
So don't worry, I am here to impart some wisdom!

1. Constantly say 'Oh my god we must meet up for drinks soon'

2. Never go out for said drinks

3. Drunk text your friends regularly telling them you miss them - this is neither annoying or needy, I promise.

4. Have framed collages on your wall that features your friends so you can feel sad and reminiscent every time you look at them.

5. When drunk, snapchat your besties everytime a song is played that you both have a tenuous link with, and make sure to try and shout 'this is OUR song' over the music.

It's OK guys, we can get through this together!

Emily xo