The Truth Behind my Instagram Photos

Hi Guys,

A few month ago I was perusing the blog world and I found this one by one of my favourite bloggers/vloggers Hannah Witton and it got my thinking, who do we lie on social media so much?

It's that little comment on the side from one of my best friends Demi 'Candid much' that struck a chord - yes, that may be an inside joke that my friends and I have, but why are we so obsessed with taking pictures these days that seem to have minimal effort behind them when really we had someone else painstakingly take 17 dud pictures before we found one we liked?

Another comment about my seemingly candid holiday snap, but this was actually the most 'natural' of them all. I tried to get Demi to take a 'piss-take' picture of me longingly looking out of a plane window so I could post something witty on Facebook, probably something to do with flying with a budget airline but still including #blessed - but couldn't take myself seriously and this was the result.

It may look like this was taken without my knowledge, but oh no, you really think you can get a half decent picture of me with me being completely unaware? Hell no, this was completely set up, `i even used the phrase 'can you take a picture of me trying to read this map?'
FYI, this was not my German map reading face, I looked a lot more confused and increasingly frustrated whilst squinting at the tiny print.

My point is, why are we constantly trying to be something we are not on social media? I know for sure it is not just me who does this sort of thing. If someone could shed some light on this for me I would really appreciate it!

Emily xo