The Mowbeck Interview: Take 2 ⎪ #MusicMonday

Hi Guys!
Back in March 2015 I interviewed Mowbeck, a grit-pop band from Nottinghamshire. 2 years have now passed and the guys have only gone from strength to strength so I spoke to Andy again to have a catch up, check out their previous interview here.

Since we last spoke to you in 2015, your style and sound has changed quite a lot, was this a conscious choice or did it naturally evolve?

I think the music I write has always been massively affected by the mood of my life and where I am and what I’m doing. Naturally, if I’ve had a bad month personally, the kind of music I end up producing mirrors that. We as a unit take so much influence from different styles of music so I think the sound has and will continue to evolve over time. 

Out of all of the songs you’ve written, which has been your favourite and what was the inspiration behind it?

There’s a song called ‘Ivory White’ that we’ve played a handful of times live which is probably my favourite. I remember finishing it on the old upright piano in my house and then just stopping and then immediately ringing Phil saying “I’ve done it, I’ve written the song I needed to write”. It’s very personal and was the first time I really opened up about some things in my life I’d never been able to creatively before.

If you could support any artist, dead or alive who would it be and why?

Fleetwood Mac. I owe that band a lot.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Last week we got picked as BBC Introducing’s track of the week on Radio 1. I always dreamed about being played on daytime radio and to have such a great response from listeners who’d never heard of us before was so humbling.

What has been your favourite venue to have played? 

We played a show in York at a venue called Fibbers a couple of months and the crowd literally went crazy for us, it was so intense. I remember coming off stage absolutely soaked in sweat knowing it was the best show we played as a band so far.

What are you guys up to this summer and where can people find you?

We’ve got a few shows booked for July and August listed below. After that I think we’re going to take a couple months off playing live to focus on writing new music. I’m a perfectionist so I need to make sure the next set of songs we put out is a step up from the last.

At what point in your career will you take a step back and say ‘we’ve made it’

I think when we don’t have to work our shitty jobs and can afford to live off touring and making music. Fame is a weird bi product of success, I’m more focused on making sure we end up leaving a mark and inspiring future musicians than being rich and famous.

Who would win in a fight between 100 sharks and 5 dinosaurs?

So that’s what, like 20 sharks to a dinosaur? That’s a no brainer, the sharks would smother that dinosaur to death. 

Any last words?

Thank you for reading this! Please check us out and spread the word if you like it, every listen means the world!

Make sure you guys go and check Mowbeck out on their social media, which is listed below and buy tickets to go and see them this summer, you 100% will not regret it!

Emily xo