365 Days.

Hi guys!

Today is a (semi) important day for me, it marks 1 whole year of being out of education!

Now, this may not seem that important, but leaving uni was one of the most bitter-sweet experiences i've ever had to deal with and I still miss it to this day! Since leaving uni I seem to have been in a constant state of existential crisis until I look back and realise a) how glad I am to be out of education and b) what i've done since leaving.

Education isn't the aspect that I miss about uni, sure - learning is great but what I really miss is just the times when I would hang out with my friends doing absolutely nothing. Most of these times occurred in the hallway of our flat in third year, where we would just lie around and chat rubbish for ages.

The immediate post-uni life was hard, and i'm not going to try and sugar coat it! There were tears pretty much every day leading up to me leaving, and then again for about a month after i moved back home; but now whilst i'm still missing my friends as much as I did when we first got separated, i'm much more used to not seeing their faces and hearing their shit puns and jokes everyday.

I've moved home, got a job, started learning to drive, visited new countries and still have some of the most important people in my life, in my life.

Post-uni life is a rose amongst thorns, but I'm getting there, slowly.

Emily xo