Demi Marriner - Dandelion EP ⎪ #MusicMonday

Hi guys!

The last time I wrote about Demi on my blog she was just about to release her Tracks & Trails EP, which has just celebrated it's first birthday and therefore a year since it went to the top of the iTunes UK Country Charts.

 If you're a fan of the current wave of female artists taking the country world by storm; Maren, Cam, Kacey etc; then you will love this EP! You can hear the influences in the songs and surely it'll be topping the UK charts again next week!
And now she's back with even better songs than the previous record with Dandelion, her new EP being released 1st May.

If you've heard of Demi you have for sure heard Learn To Love, it's poignant and beautiful as well as being continually relatable in regards to the current state of the world. Also, all of the proceeds from when it was released as a single went to charity, so check it out and do a good deed.

It is then followed up by Cold Coffee, which is just a reminder that sometimes an ex is an ex for a reason and nothing you do can change that. it's a relatively slow and laid back song that really showcases Demi's vocal abilities.

Gone is the penultimate song on the EP and it's my favourite. Again, it's slow and chilled out until the full band kicks in a and raises the song and makes it a lot more uplifting and powerful. Every time I hear this song I think back to when Demi did an incredibly emotional performance of it in a dingy little pub in Cheltenham last year.

This record then wraps up with Mother, the shortest of the 4, and it's one of the best songs lyrically and my second favourite. Whilst the story can be negative, the message is so positive - there's always someone out there looking after you and putting your needs above their own!

I just wish there was a full-on, up-beat, full band track on the record; however this is the perfect easy listening and feel-good EP that is full of positive reminders for those shitty days we all have every now and then! Ever since Demi sent me the tracks I've had them on repeat and they've been stuck in my head, and I'm praying for some form of physical copy!

The next few months are going to be pretty full on, with a series of shows across the country to support the release of Dandelion as well as many festival dates across the summer including Buckle and Boots; Wychwood & Bands on the Beacon.

I'll leave all the details to the release shows down below, as well as all the ways you can check Demi and her music out!

Emily xo