Holloway Road - Roots EP ⎪#MusicMonday

Hi Guys!

This weekend I went to C2C festival at the O2 arena in London and whilst all the music that I saw there was absolutely brilliant, there was one set that really captured my attention.

Essex-based Holloway Road are at the forefront of UK Country Music and after catching their set on the Big Entrance Stage, its clear as to why!
From the very start every single person was hooked, and more and more people kept stopping to see who the guys with the great music and impressive stage presence were, they're not cocky, just confident, cheeky and ooze happy-go-lucky vibes.

I managed to grab one of their EP's 'Roots' after their set, it was a struggle though as they sold out pretty much instantly and we were searching for quite a while before they got restocked! My fave tracks on the EP are Little Harder and Roots, they're such mood lifting songs and I cant help but find myself doing a little dance every time I hear them (even when i'm walking down a busy street with my headphones in, Cringe!)

Their next single is being released on 31st March and is called 'If She Falls' and I can't bloody wait, i'm following them on Spotify so I get the notification and cant miss it!

Rob and Jack are absolutely brilliant guys and I can't wait to see where they'll be this time next year at C2C 2018!
As always, i'll leave all the links you need below.

Emily xo