The Year Ahead.

Hi guys!

Normally I like to write a post a the end of each year summing up the events of my past 12 months, but I wasn't feeling it this year so i'm changing it up a bit!

So instead i'm going to write about what I want to do and achieve over the next 12 months!

I have a few 'main' goals for this year, but one that I really want to achieve is to travel more.
I went away 3 times in 2016, just for a couple of days at a time and all to new places and that is something that I'm very keen to work on. I also learnt that spontaneous holidays can be some of the best. Leanne and I booked a long weekend in Dublin (which was randomly at the same time as Demi) less than a week before we travelled out there and I had the best time ever. In fact I think it's my overall highlight of 2016!

I'm also determined to work on my health. My immune system is absolutely awful and that really needs to change, I cant spend all my time with some form of cough/cold/ear ache etc! I don't actually know how to improve my immune system, so any advice you have would be great!
I also want to improve my fitness levels, its embarrassing how unfit and lazy I am!

I would love to grow this blog even more over the coming year, my goal for 2016 was 32.5k, and if i managed to hit 40k by the end of the year i would be so unbelievably happy! I also want to try and start #MusicMonday back up, and hopefully go back into reviewing live music!

In 2016 I got quite a few tattoos (6) and one of them is STILL unfinished despite getting it in February, so 2017 has got to be the year I get it finished off! I also want a couple more but my mum isn't a fan so who knows what new artwork i'll get this year!

so yeah, thats what i want to do in 2017, what about you?

Emily xo