The Best Hot Chocolate In London

Hi guys!

A few months ago, myself and my friend Ellie decided we would go on a hunt to find the best hot chocolate in London. We tried three different locations (whilst stopping off for a champagne afternoon tea, obviously) and I think we were quite successful!

The best one we had came from Chin Chin Laboratories in Camden Lock, and it was quite simply amazing!

The tiny little laboratory is tucked away and actually looks like a real Lab! It's so hard to find that we got absolutely drenched while looking for it, as the weather was awful and I got tricked into paying a small fortune for a tiny shitty umbrella!

Ellie had just a normal hot chocolate and I went for the hot chocolate with handmade and blowtorched marshmallow!
Oh my word I've never tasted a better marshmallow in my life! It perfectly complimented the bitterness of the Valrhona Chocolate, which on it's own was too bitter for me as I dont like dark chocolate.

The standard hot chocolate cost £2.95 and the hot chocolate with marshmallow was £3.90, which is really well priced, especially when compared to chain coffee shops!

You can find Chin Chin Laboratories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as their website.

Emily xo