Ten Tombs - Hiding From Sunlight ⎪#MusicMondays

Hi guys!

Next week (01/02/2017) Ten Tombs are releasing their sophomore EP Hiding From Sunlight courtesy of Alpas Collective and it's going to be huge.
There's no doubting it to be quite frank, because every single one of these tracks has the potential to go places.

The EP features 4 tracks: Into The Heart, Saccharine, Death in Cali and Hole in the Water. My personal favourite is Hole in the Water, it will always remind me of being exceptionally drunk during their set at Wychwood Festival last summer!

I'm a massive fan of the way this EP has transitioned from the last one, If You Keep Me I'm Yours, the boys sound has really grown yet despite that, all of the tracks on the EP still sound typically 'tombsy' - there isn't one that seems out of place at all, it's dark and grungey but you can still get your dance on and have a good time, something which is quite unique to these guys!
The only thing that could improve this EP is some gang vox, similar to Keep from the first EP, it can take a track from a great song to almost anthemic and then performed live it just makes it amazing!

Recently the Tombs boys released their video for Saccharine ahead of this launch and I am fully in love with it. It just shows the boys as they really are: a bit weird but bloody brilliant. I have a lot of love for these guys if you couldn't already tell!

Check out the EP on the 1st, you really won't regret it!!

Emily xo