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Hi guys!
I think this is possibly the easiest gift guide i've done, as all of these are things that I would personally love to receive! I find shopping for other women so easy generally, although there is always that one person who has everything they need and leaves you stuck for ideas!

So, as with all these gift guides, just click on the captions and you will be redirected to where you cn purchase these from!


Charms for bracelets can be so personal so it's quite hard to include specific ones in a Gift Guide, however 'Mama didn't raise no quitter' so i'm going to show you some that I would like if I had a charm bracelet.

Thomas Sabo Compass Charm - £35

Thomas Sabo Champagne Flutes Charm - £35

Links of London Treble Clef Charm - £45

Tiffany&Co. Cap and Tassel Charm - £185


There are so many different hair stylers on the market currently, ranging from very cheap to very expensive. Again, you kind of need to know the lady you are buying these for quite well, as certain products won't always work on their hair type!

BaByliss 2198KU Pro 325 Elegance Hair Straighteners - £28.49

Cloud Nine Micro Iron Hair Straightener - £54.95

ghd IV Hair Styler MK4 - £99

Nicky Clarke Salon pro Lightweight Hairdryer - was £50 NOW £25

Panasonic Nanoe Hairdryer - was £109.99 NOW £54.99

ghd Air Limited Edition Hair Dryer, Copper Luxe  - £99.95
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer - £299.99

Curling Wand Pro Hair Styler - was £25 NOW £20
'Tight Curls' Curling Wand Hair Styler - £22

ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong - £120

Phone Accessories

Now, we all know a girl who is obsessed with her phone and taking pictures on it. I know for sure that i'm guilty of this. A few years ago the  'Selfie Stick' was all the rage but that is SO 2013, so here are a few better options for taking some 'on fleek' (kill me) selfies!
Some of these are downright ridiculous i'll admit, but I kind of want all of them!
iPhone Selfie Fan - £6

Clip Lens Set - £12

Selfie Light - £15 

Kate Spade Selfie Button - £28

LuMee Perfect Selfie iPhone 6/6s Case - £50

Dressing Gowns

If you have a lady in your life who loves to be super comfortable and cozy (who doesn't, lets be real) then a warm fluffy dressing gown is pretty much a guaranteed hit!

Dorothy Perkins Mulberry Short Dressing Gown - was £20 NOW £14

Long Sleeved Dressing Gown Set  (available in 4 colours) - was £35 NOW £17.50

Borg Lined Hooded Dressing Gown - £24.99

Soft Fleece Ear Teddy Dressing Gown - £25

Teddy Robe - £32

So thats it for my Gift Guide: For Her, I hope you enjoyed it! What are you getting for the ladies in your life this year?

Emily xo