These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...#4 [Alcoholic Favourites]

Hi guys!

A few months ago I claimed I was going to write these posts regularly and it's quite obvious how well that's gone...

But anyway, this post is going to be entered around some of my all time favourites and it's going to be alcohol themed. Is that a bad thing?

Now, I bloody love prosecco/anything similar to prosecco, so much so that Ellie from work has started to pick up on that fact. It also helps that when I came home from uni I discovered a cupboard in the kitchen jam packed with bottles because my parents receive it as gifts and then never drink it. Come rain or shine, good or bad day I will always chose prosecco over anything else.

Any establishment that has a weekly pub quiz and actively encourages dancing on the benches automatically has a place in my heart, so to find out that Bierkeller (in Cheltenham anyway) have a 2-4-1 on Haus and Cocktail steins as well as 2-4-1 pizzas AND a pub quiz all on the same night means that I'm well and truly in love with this place!

Bellinis, Cosmopolitans, Martinis etc
All of these are absolutely amazing, but recently I went to the London Cocktail Club (which I am now a member of so I don't always need to go with Ellie) and whilst I was there I had a Butterbeer, which was bloody fantastic. To top it all off it was served with a werthers original, which is an absolute throwback to car journeys to my grandmas!

This post probably explains why I'm poor the majority of the time, but I really don't care, I just love to have a good time and a drink every now and then!

Emily xo