Hi guys!

Unless you've been living under a rock recently, then you will have seen the massive controversy surrounding male contraception due to the 'side effects' it can cause. Now, i'm using the phrase 'side effects' very loosely and in inverted commas because to me it is absolute bullshit.

*If you aren't aware of what i'm talking about, a male contraceptive has been created in the form of an injection, however it has been ruled out because 20 out of the 320 participants felt that the side effects were 'insufferable' despite the contraceptive being 96% effective.*

The side effects this mere 6.25% of subjects 'suffered' from were: mood swings, acne, depression and muscle pain (amongst other)... sound familiar ladies? Hell yes it does, because if you are a sexually active lady using contraception (and 99% of said ladies are) then you are more likely to suffer from one of these side effects.
Granted, no one should have to deal with depression as a side effect of not wanting a child, but in that case, surely contraceptives for women should also be pulled off the market and we can all wonder around with hundreds of babies, sounds ideal doesn't it?

Women deal with this all day every day just to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but for a man to deal with the same issues it is suddenly 'too much' and the tests have to be halted?

It takes two to tango, so why is it unacceptable for men but acceptable for women to suffer? It isn't fair.

In the words of Cosmopolitan... Woman Up!

Emily xo