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Hi guys!

For this gift guide I decided to do something a bit different and decided to write about a few different subscription services currently on the market. There are different services for almost everything, from pet treats to make up so I decided to only do 3 types that I personally would love to receive!

So, as with all these gift guides, just click on the captions and you will be redirected to where you cn purchase these from!


For me, there is nothing better than receiving fresh fragrant flowers (say that 10 times quickly) and to receive them delivered conveniently to your door (they come in letterbox-friendly boxes) as regularly as every week from friends or family is something that I feel a lot of people would enjoy! For me, the one brand that I knew did this, and did it well, was Bloom and Wild and they're not all the pricy either! prices start from as little as £15 and can be delivered weekly, fortnightly and monthly, with each bunch changing with the season.
The 'Zara' Letterbox Flowers from £15 per bouquet


For that 'massive hipster' in your life, a vinyl subscription may be perfect, but just check they actually have a record player first, otherwise your gift may be redundant! Flying Vinyl is perfect for this as it introduces you to music that you may never have even thought about listening to before!
Flying Vinyl - £20 a month


A subscription box that I was really keen to include in this gift guide was a book subscription as I was always a massive bookworm growing up; sadly less so now as I struggle to find the time to sit down and get stuck into a book, but I feel like we all have someone in our lives that loves reading! So whilst browsing for a box I discovered quite a few different options, for all people!
The first one that stood out to me was Fairy Loot as it features Young Adult or Young Adult crossover novels as well as anywhere between 4 and 6 other items inside the box, many of which are exclusive.

Another book box that really stood out to me was Book & a Brew because personally there is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book and a mug of tea! Each box contains again, a hardback novel and a box of tea and the box is available throughout most of europe as either a one off or as a monthly subscription

Fairy Loot Book Subscription - from £26 a month
Book & a Brew Subscription Box - from £12.99 a month

Thanks for reading guys, I'm now a quarter of a way through these gift guides and i'm loving writing them for you!

Emily xo