Bucket List: Updated

Hi guys!

I recently revisited an old post (Dear Future Self; A Review) and you all seemed to love it, so I decided to do this with one of my very first blog posts from 2014 and I would update my Bucket List!

My main point in the original post was my new years resolution and it was to stop letting people control my happiness and to stop relying on people so much for said happiness. HA, let's just move on from that!
In all seriousness, I'm trying, I really bloody am! And to anybody who I may have appeared needy towards, i'm sorry, but at this moment in time (and has been the case for the past few years) relying on other people for my happiness is one of the few ways that I will be happy. But i'm working on it, promise!

Now, my actual bucket list is a bit of a shambles!

47 months after buying my first guitar and I still can't play it. I had to leave it behind for three years while I went to uni because there was never any space in the car for it (seriously, I'm an overpacker!) and now I have more spare time I'm determined to try and learn again, but right now i'm incredibly lazy, ill and demotivated!!

I still can't bake like they can on GBBO, however I have made some pretty damn good cheesecakes that my brother seems to enjoy quite a lot, so that's something! One year I will be good enough to go on that show!

I still can't drive so I am still nowhere near being able to drive from New York to LA and try and visit as many states in between and I still don't live or work in London so all in all, my bucket list still isn't anywhere near having anything crossed off, so I feel like maybe it's time to change some goals?

I HAVE however completed some lifelong goals: get a tattoo, complete university, pour the perfect pint of Guinness etc so there are some positives in this many negative post!

Emily xo