New Releases ⎪ #MusicMonday

Hi guys!

It's been a while since a #MusicMonday so I thought I would tell you about two new releases from Friday (28th October) both of which I have been waiting for for quite a while and which couldn't get further apart genre-wise.

Pop-Punk and Christmas Country.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

So the first up is Kacey Musgraves highly anticipated 'A Very Kacey Christmas' and I was truly blown away by this! Personally, i'm not normally a fan of Christmas songs that aren't the original versions, but Kacey's version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is phenomenal! The record features 8 covers and 4 new originals and my personal favourite is one of the originals 'Ribbons and Bows.' I have no idea how people can continue to write Christmas songs that don't sound too similar to already existing songs because the market is saturated with Christmas songs, but somehow Kacey did it! The only song on the record that I can't fully enjoy is Feliz Navidad (originally by José Feliciano)because the original is one of my all time favourite Christmas songs and both my head and heart can't quite handle the change!
The record is available right now, unfortunately I don't have a physical copy yet as i'm waiting for the vinyl, which doesn't get released until mid-November and I then have to wait and extra week for it to be shipped over from the USA as I couldn't find a retailer here in the UK that had a preorder link!
You can get it on iTunes and Spotify HERE and HERE.

The second new release I have for you is EP Phone Home by the lovely guys in Photo Finish (not to be confused with A Photo Finish, which is what Spotify has them under!) and holy crap I have been waiting for this for quite a long time now! The guys told Kirsten and I the name for this and the release/announcement date (we were originally told 1st April and its now the end of October...) when they came to stay with us in March - the time 'I' broke Pete's leg and the guys left behind a mountain of pizza boxes, you can find evidence of this in their Mr Brightside cover which is HERE
But anyway, this EP is bloody brilliant and I strongly urge everyone to go and get themselves a copy of this, either through iTunes or their online store! My favourites are Reality because it's so damn catchy and Best Before Yesterday - because who doesn't love acoustic Pop-Punk?! For me, the only thing wrong with this is the incorrect spelling on the 'secret track' 'Je Ne Parles Pas Francais' as there shouldn't be an s on the end of Parles, but other than that it's a really good bonus/secret track!
You can get this EP on iTunes, the Photo Finish website and Spotify HERE, HERE and HERE. (But i'd rather you buy it than stream it, just saying)

Please go and check out both of these records as they're both absolutely great, and go and watch the Mr Brightside cover if you want to see a miserable/tired/hungover me rate it a 7/10!

Emily xo