Dear Future Self; A Review

Hi guys!

In December 2014 I wrote a blog post called 'Dear Future Self' (which you can read HERE) and it was aimed at a 21 year old me. As i'm now 21 and have been for nearly half a year, I decided to give it a revisit and see what was going on in my life back then and how much I've changed in the past 22 months!

Well i'm no longer a student, which is bloody heartbreaking! If you know me, you know that I really am missing the student lifestyle which I described as 'The drinking and partying, eating crap food and staying in your pyjamas all weekend, that sort of thing.' I rarely go out drinking and partying (slight lie) and the only time I really do is if it's a birthday or I'm back in Cheltenham for the night (or there's a Mowbeck gig and I end up drinking shit tonnes of prosecco.)

22 months ago I was on antidepressants and life was quite frankly, pretty fucking awful. Doing anything and everything was a struggle and 'You felt weak and like you had let yourself down' However things are back to 'normal' now whatever the hell that is, although moving home from uni made things in the Weall household a bit gloomy and miserable, probably because I was crying all the time!

 'It went swollen and bruised and instead of offering sympathy Kirsten sat on the floor and laughed' This was in reference to my little toe and guess what, it was actually broken (okay, i cracked the bone slightly apparently, but that counts) I'm actually gutted to say that the first bone I broke was my little toe, how unimpressive is that?!

I (obviously) no longer live with Kirsten, Ellie or the other 4 people that I shared a house with in second year and I miss those little turnips loads. It really sunk in just how much I missed them when my Timehop and Facebook 'On This Day'  became flooded with memories of nights out and rugby tournaments. 

Kirsten, if you're reading this, I miss you and the flat we lived in in third year, with the broken chairs and missing hallway clock. I miss the arts and crafts evening we had when we needed to make a post box, I miss catching you trying to coax a cat in through the bathroom window and I miss being with you nearly all day every day. Lets go for cocktails soon please?
21 months difference, soz whilst i go and hysterically sob

Once again, I have no real wise words to give you. Just keep plodding along and trying all you can to do what you well and truly love.

Emily xo