Playlist Updates

Hi guys!

I've been adding some new music to my playlists recently, and I thought i'd give you a little update - because I'm nice like that!

Moose Blood - Blush
Okay, so this isn't on my playlist JUST yet, but this album is being released on Friday. The three songs from the album that have been released so far - Honey, Knuckles and Sulk, are absolutely brilliant and are constantly songs that I put into my spotify queue. I'm going to have to rely on my spotify account to listen to it over the weekend, because i'm away and I don't think my mum would appreciate me taking my record player on a 400 mile round trip!

Pre-Order Blush by Moose Blood HERE

Viola Beach
We all know the tragic story of Viola Beach, however last friday the families of the guys in Viola Beach released what would have been their debut album and it is such an amazing and heartbreaking record.  My personal favourite is Call You Up with Go Outside as a close second.
The line 'and she said we could take on the world' from the track Boys Who Sing has now become particularly poignant and i'm gutted we won't ever get more music from this band, but they've left behind some unbelievable music; and the album went straight in at number 1 where it rightly belongs to be.

Buy Viola Beach's self-titled album HERE

Biffy Clyro - Ellipsis
Holy shit I can't talk enough about how much I love the new Biffy album! I've been waiting for this for ages and when it was released I lost all the chill I had (not much admittedly) and full on freaked out over it! Don't, Wont, Can't. is I think my favourite track, but all of them are absolutely amazing! In The Name Of The Wee Man and Re-arrange are also faves and I seriously can't get enough of this album!

Buy Ellipsis by Biffy Clyro HERE

Sahara Breeze
Sahara Breeze are a fusion of 'west-coast indie rock' and 'shoe-gazey psychedelia' based in Cheltenham and honestly, it works! These guys are some of the nicest guys I've met, and their debut EP is brilliant! It features 4 tracks: Opaque, Look Around, Deep and Undercurrents and I love all of them, however Opaque is my absolute favourite. These guys have a massive future ahead of them and I can't wait to see what they do next!

Buy Sahara Breeze's self-titled debut EP HERE

Creeper - Honeymoon Suite
Before 2000 Trees, I had no idea who Creeper where, but after being dragged to the side of the main stage by Ellie to watch them, i'm a lot more aware of their presence! The other day at work we had the radio on BBC Radio 1, and a song came on that I vaguely recognised and I can remember thinking to myself 'who/what the hell is this, this song is an actual banger'. Turns out it was creeper, who knew ey? Now Ellie is making me listen to their entire back catalogue and I have absolutely no problem with that!

Buy Honeymoon Suite by Creeper HERE

Mowbeck - Talkabout
My Boys in Mowbeck are releasing the Talkabout EP on 12th August, however at the moment the lead track Talkabout is available to buy. If theres anything you take away from this blog post, then please take note of this and go and but the track/preorder the EP. This is the second EP from these guys and all the tracks on it are going to be massive, if their live performances are anything to go buy! Please, for the love of God, go and supported some genuinely talented music!

Buy Talkabout/Pre-Order the Talkabout EP by Mowbeck HERE

Forever The Sickest Kids - She's A Lady
This isn't a recent discovery by any means, but I just recently remembered that I used to love Forever The Sickest Kids 6 years ago after a drunk conversation at the 2000 Trees after party with Ellie! So I decided to re-add this to my playlist today, as exactly 6 years ago I put up a Facebook status with the lyrics. I was that kid. So today I went and found their album Underdog Alma Mater on spotify and had a proper throwback and it was so great, and also weirdly nostalgic!

Buy Underdog Alma Mater by Forever the Sickest Kids HERE
how absolutely embarrassing/cringe-worthy!

So there are some of my recent additions to my playlists, hope you enjoyed!

Emily xo