Hi guys!

As many of you are probably aware, Cheltenham is one of the few places in the world where I actually feel happy. I have no idea why, but it is also the only place that I have ever really associated with being my 'home' despite living in the same house my entire life, except for my 3 years at uni. Now i've sadly had to leave Cheltenham behind, going back and visiting is one of my favourite things to do, however leaving is without a doubt the hardest.

It sounds absolutely ridiculous, and i'm aware of just how mental I sound, but since I left, I'm rarely able to think of Cheltenham and living there without being emotional; and whilst I was in my final few weeks of living there in June I actually cried every time I thought about not only the mammoth task of moving out, but leaving my favourite town behind.

Deep down I know that planning on moving back would be unpractical, no matter how hard some people try to get me to do it. My entire life is now back in Hertfordshire for the time being, whilst I have a job and a supportive family, so I think now I just need to learn to accept that this has gone back to being home once more, no matter how much I dislike the town i'm in, as it feels like I'm trapped with no way out.

I wrote this last week while I was on the train back to Hertfordshire from Cheltenham and I looked like an absolute nutter, I was crying so much the old man opposite had to ask if I was okay, what a gem!

But for now i'm just going to try and deal with the fact that my heart has been left behind in a little town in the cotswolds, but who knows where it'll be going next!

Emily xo