Who Inspires Me Most?

Hi guys!

I recently watched Sprinkle of Glitter's YouTube video 'Who Inspires Me Most?' and I was so inspired I decided to write a blog post on it. Congrats Louise, it worked!
Im only going to pick out 3 people, because otherwise this post would go on forever, but please just remember that this list is not in anyway definitive!

1. First off is one of my best friends Ellie.
In the first semester she went through hell and back and I know that if I was in her position then I would have spent 99% of the time crying! I am absolutely amazed that she managed to get through it all whilst carrying on at uni and spending several nights a week for 3 months sleeping on my sofa, which isn't exactly the comfiest thing! She also inspires me to be a jammy little bitch and put in minimal effort and get maximum reward, whilst drinking my bodyweight in vodka.
She's also an amazing wing woman and is never anything but subtle... (i've just rolled my eyes so much that I thought they were going to fall out)

less classy

2. My mum, Jan.
Everyone knows of mumma Weall, or Jan, and everyone seems to love her. She inspires me regularly and reminds me that no matter how shit things can be, to never give up.
My brother and I (my dad included) drive my mother round the bend, and I have no idea why she's stuck around this long if I'm honest! She has is the most patient lady i've ever met and will always answer my calls or texts no matter what time of day or night it is and no matter how intoxicated I am.
She managed to raise two fairly alright people and she always reminded us (along with my dad) that manners cost nothing and I'm so grateful that she did
I only wish I had her will power, and I wish she would follow the 'treat yo self' lifestyle as much as I do, because God knows she deserves to think about herself a bit more!

3. Finally we have my friend Leanne.
Leanne and I have known each other for about 5 years and ever since we first started speaking i've known exactly what Leanne wanted to do with her life, because she was so determined to do it! I don't know many people who can have their career and place of work picked out at the end of year 6, then actually be doing that when they finish university 10 years later! I don't think Leanne has a bad bone in her body and although she's not very good at handling her alcohol (she's worse than me) she is an absolute inspiration!

I'd apologise between the gap in blog posts but I'm a busy and stressed third year and life has gotten in the way, but I'm sure i'll give you a full update in a few weeks!

Emily xo