Demi Marriner - Tracks and Trails EP

This Friday, pop-country singer Demi Marriner is having her Cheltenham date of her EP, Tracks and Trails at The Stable.

The four-track EP features C You, Runaway Train, Pretty and Second Hand Smoke, all of which are personal favourites as well as crowd favourites.

This release is perfect for Demi as it has set her up inside the UK Country Music Scene and lets you take a sneak peak into her personal life. This EP means Demi now has a clean slate as well as a stepping stone and can take her music in any direction she wishes as there will be an amazing back catalogue to her name.

My personal favourite is Pretty, which starts off acoustic before her band join in and make the song stop sounding so sad and make it uplifting, however C You is a close contender. I feel like almost everyone can relate to C You, everyones being in that situation surely?

I implore you to come to her EP launch on Friday whether you like pop music, country music or just music in general, as every time Ellie and I hear Demi and her band live we find ourselves turning to each other and saying how incredible her voice is!

Tickets are £3 in advanced or £5 on the door so get down and support some great local music as the support comes from Jack Cooper and the Offshore and Ten Tombs

As always links to everything will be below

Emily xo