Ten Tombs - If You Keep Me, I'm Yours

Tonight (7th March 2016) Cheltenham based band Ten Tombs release their EP If You Keep Me, I'm Yours and I had a sneaky early listen courtesy of Wolf Wave Collective.

I'm not going to give too much away about the EP here, because you can pick it up tonight at the launch hosted by Wolf Wave, which I'm so excited for!

I'm going to leave all the details for the launch tonight at the bottom, so make sure you check it out!

The opening track Honestly is dark and grungey, and everything you expect from a Ten Tombs song. The lead guitar parts will get stuck in your head for hours on end, trust me!

Want You
Want You is the biggest track on the EP and sounds completely different to the other two tracks, making it stand out and emphasises it's uniqueness. This is the song that is guaranteed to get you moving during their live set (which you can catch tonight at the Frog and Fiddle)

Keep is hands down my favourite track on the EP,  it's soft and melodic yet builds into an anthem and i'm in love.
It's the sort of song you could have on repeat for hours and not get bored of which is why it's become a firm favourite in such a small space of time!
Also, who doesn't love a track that ends with gang vox?