Mike Bladen - Not The Same EP

Not The Same is Mike Bladen's first EP since going solo, and he's definitely one to watch!

The 3-Track EP futures the songs Not The Same, Move Along and Who We Are and I'm in love with every single one of them. My favourite by far is Not The Same, it's just so poppy and catchy and I'm sure it'll sound just as good live as it does on SoundCloud and I can't wait for Mike to announce is small UK tour for later this year so I can try and get down to a show near me to see him again after so long! As of yet there are no official tour dates announced, although he does hint at an announcement regularly on his twitter, so i'll link it at the bottom and you can go and check him out for yourself!

I don't know how to really describe his sound, other than folky-pop, but it's bloody brilliant and I suggest you all go and check it out!

Having known Mike for quite a while it's great to see him producing music that is just him down to a T and I'm so bloody chuffed for him!

(Mike and I in April 2015, looking a hell of a lot younger!)