Jack Cooper - Which Way Is Home

Jack Cooper is a British Singer-Songwriter based in Cheltenham in the South West of England.

With his debut EP, Riverwoman due to be released under MatchBox Media in the coming weeks, I had a listen to one of the songs off the record to see what all the hype was about.

After having a listen to Which Way Is Home, it's clear what all the fuss is about! This kid is insanely talented, his deep soulful voice matches up perfectly with his impeccable guitar playing skills and I found myself listening to it on repeat several times over.

The track draws you in and keeps you wanting more, and within the first few bars your head is nodding and your feet are tapping. By the time the first chorus drew around I was sold and was desperate to buy the EP in the hope that the rest of the music would be as easy listening and yet catchy as Which Way Is Home.

21st January marked Jacks first international gig, playing at the University of Gloucestershire's AmsterDAYM Showcase, at The Winston in Amsterdam and opened the show with amazing form and drew in a crowd immediately, with the audience saying that his set was flawless and they loved it.

As always, i'll put all of Jack's links below so you can go and check this phenomenal piece of art out for yourself!