Amsterdam 2016

Hi guys!

I had given up on this blog until a drunken conversation with my favourite lecturer.
He told me to stop leaving it so long in between posts and to write more and here I am, trying to get back into the swing of things!

We took a trip to Amsterdam which was a great load of fun, even though I was ill and feeling sorry for myself the majority of the time I was there.

Before our trip to the I Amsterdam sign.

Ellie and I take this picture every year.

Ellie sank 8.

I am too inept to climb the I Amsterdam sign so we made Ellie do it.

Just arriving at the hostel after spending 13 hours on a coach.

Spoils 2.0

Massive love and respect for these girls.

We went ice skating. I fell. I'm bruised.
UOG and AMS put on a gig, it was great to see some phenomenal artists play overseas.

Amsterdam was a weird one for me. On one hand I had the best time of my life with some of my best friends and doing some pretty incredible stuff.
On the other hand I felt anxious and panicky the entire time and therefore never fully relaxed and enjoyed myself. I have no idea why I felt so on edge the entire time, but it bloody sucked and I hate myself for it, but what's done is done and its too late now!

Other than that we had a pretty good time: 
  • Ellie and I got blindingly drunk on Thursday night and woke up at 5am on the floor of a corridor of the wrong hostel. 
  • Alex and I cry laughed for ages in a cafĂ© at the top of a library for no particular reason. 
  • Anna announced that she couldn't hear what I was saying because the sun was in her eyes. 
  • Kirsten and I had a debate over a girls super was green or gray. We didn't know the poor girl but she knew we were talking about her jumper for a good 10 minutes whilst asking everyone else's opinion on it. 
  • Ellie, Kirsten and I also took boxes of chicken nuggets around the Heineken Experience with us to keep the hangovers at bay much to everyone else amusements and I made a slightly inappropriate comment about the horses that were 'on holiday' by saying they'd gone on a trip to a glue factory. I'm sorry.
  • Ellie tried to climb the statue in Dam Square and got stuck halfway so she was in a lunged position for a few minutes while trying to gather the strength to get up onto the rest of the statue.
  • Kirsten only nearly got hit by a tram once.
  • I witnessed a lecture slut drop multiple times. I'm not saying who but Lansley.
  • The closest I got to being cultural was buying a glow in the dark Starry Night condom

The phrase "first we tacky nap, then we sink and skank" came to life and i've never been happier that it did, because everyone needed to know that before you get smashed and cut some shapes on the dance floor, you need to have a pre night out nap!
Overall it was a good way to round up the past three years with the 'original 7' which became the 'original 8' after Matt joined us in our second year, especially after all the crap we've been through as a course!

sorry it's been so long!

Emily xo