Music Snobs.

Hi guys!

This post is going to be about one of my least favourite types of people, music snobs.

Obviously there are worse people in the world, like terrorists and white police officers in America (same thing? probably!) but that's besides the point!

This post was inspired by a tweet that I saw the other day, just after One Direction had dropped their new single Drag Me Down (which I love just incase you wanted to know) and it said something along the lines of 'I hate myself for saying this but I really like 1D's new song'

why should you hate yourself for liking some cheesy pop songs from a boyband? is it because they aren't 'indie' or 'alternative'? I can understand if it's because the songs are being overplayed on the radio months on, but this tweet came on the same day it was released without any prior warning (that I know of) so obviously mainstream radios where going to play the new track, they would be mad not to!

I saw an argument from someone saying they hated pop music because the artists didn't write the songs themselves, which yeah, a lot of the time they don't, or at least didn't. Co-writing is now becoming an increasing trend in the industry, which means that artists are being able to hone their skills whilst having the support of an established writer.
Lets take One Direction as an example here; on their first studio album Up All Night they have writing credits on 3 of the 13 standard edition tracks, which has increased over the years to 12 out the 14 tracks on their third album Midnight Memories, so I don't really understand the issue here.

Another example of where this person is wrong, would be Taylor Swift, who wrote on all 13 tracks of her most recent and widely successful pop album 1989.

I honestly think the reason this girl was annoyed with herself for liking the new song was because it was One Direction and that's ridiculous.

(the article I was talking about can be found HERE)

I rambled, I know, but it makes sense in my head

Emily xo