20 facts to celebrate 20 years and 20k

Hi guys!

This post is going to be a list of 20 things that I have learned this year in honour of two things a) I turned 20 2 weeks ago and b) I have just hit 20k reads!

1. Always use a glove when fake tanning!
It just saves your hands from being bright orange and your ankles from being streaky. I need to learn from my mistakes

2. Naps are your friend!
I don't understand how people can't/won't nap! I get back from uni and everyday I have a nap, even if it's only for half an hour! Thursday afternoons are dedicated to 'pre-props-naps' because, you know, we're getting old and can't be up and socialising till 4am without a nap!

3. Exercising is sometimes good.
Going to the gym is my new form of procrastination, because that way i'm actually doing something, instead of just daydreaming about being a princess or watching Gossip Girl in it's entirety!

4. Silly birthday presents are the best birthday presents
This year, I bought Kirst some ridiculous flamingo slippers and an inflatable flamingo, because why the hell not? and in return she bought be 10 tiny little plastic ponies because she asked what I wanted for my birthday and apparently a pony isn't an acceptable answer!

5. Day drinking may be fun, but it is in fact quite frowned upon!
Maybe it's just me, but I quite enjoy getting far too drunk at 1/2pm and then having to slightly stagger home! The only bit I don't like is in the evening when you have to sober up, which usually means a takeaway where Kirsten and I are concerned

6. Life's too short to diet.
Who gives a damn if you're eating crap food? No one, or at least, no one important! Unless your doctor is telling you to cut down because you're eating a takeaway every night of the week, or your bank account is crying because it's taken a beating quite recently, then screw it, just order that pizza, and why not add some sides to go with it?

7. I am a strong advocate of retail therapy.
Sometimes, when you need a quick pick me up, a new eyeshadow or lipstick is all you need. Sometimes you need a bit more and you have to go on a full on spending spree, but that's fine(ish) too!

8. Packing at the last minute while drunk isn't wise.
I once came home for a last minute weekend with 3 pairs of trousers, a t-shirt and 8 pairs of underwear. Plan and pack in advanced kids, it will save you a whole heap of trouble!

9. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Just because you can sit at a child's picnic table, doesn't always mean you should!

10. Drunk calories don't actually exist.
Drunken KFC's don't count and you're certainly not breaking whatever diet you're currently on. This is a solid fact, and it's obviously true!

11. Washing down painkillers to with the remnants of last night's pre-drinks is relatively harmless.
How else are you supposed to get rid of the awful hangover? Just, don't do it too often maybe!

12. 40% is your friend.
What do you call a doctor that passed with a 2:2? Doctor.
Just because you're not getting top grades doesn't mean you're failing, you will still have a degree at the end of it!

13. It's good to cry.
Just maybe, not always really loudly at 4am in KFC. The staff there don't always appreciate it!

14. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Cliche but true, and remember it!

15. If all else fails, Pasta!
Carbs that are overloaded with cheese are the best type of carbs!

16. A cup of tea can solve almost everything.
Maybe not the current economic climate, but certainly home sickness, guy issues, stress with uni work etc

17. No guy is worth it!
Trust me, he isn't! Sure, at the time you might think that he is, but when you actually think about it, is anyone worth it?

18. As much as you sometimes hate your best friend, you love her a whole lot more!
Kirsten and myself have been screaming, crying and shouting at each other, but at the end of the day when we have calmed down and actually spoken about things, everything is fine!

19. Cocktails count as one of your 5-a-day.
Especially when they are garnished with an entire salad bowl!

20. Disney films make everything better.
I have no issues with saying that I watched Tangled 3 times in 4 days when I was stressed, tired, and feeling like crap! I bloody love that film, and most Disney ones in fact!

Thank you to everyone who's read my blog over the past 18 months, you're all fab and I love ya lots!

Emily xo