These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things... #1 [Music Favourites]

Hi guys!

It's now May and that means two things a) deadlines and b) some of my faves are gigging again!

I'm going to completely disregard the first point, procrastination is one of my strong points and move on to the more important part.

On Monday night I had the privileged of seeing the lovely Mowbeck boys at their first ever gig, supporting Symmetry at the Camden Barfly and oh my word I feel like a proud mother!
Having known Andy and Dave for about 2 years now, things got a bit too much for an alcohol-fueled Emily and Hannah, and we had to go to the side at one point to just hold each other and cry happy tears. We're normal, I promise!
We had a 'few' drinks with the guys after and it made me realise how much I miss my London gig friends, Lucy, Hannah and Emily. The only time we ever see each other is when we're at gigs and we always make sure to make the most of it, mainly by getting absolutely wrecked afterwards!

Finally seeing this guy back doing what he loves after a year and a half made me so happy!

Why not grab a security guy and Tom and Andy for a group selfie?

That is JUST coke in my cup, I swear...

Next Friday i'm heading down to my chummy Charlotte's house for the night, because on Saturday we're heading off to Brighton for the day to see Lawson at the Great Escape Festival. I don't see Charlotte as much as i'd like to, and I don't go to Brighton or see Lawson as much as I would like to, so having three of my favourite things all together makes me happy! I justified buying these tickets because it's nearly my birthday and you only turn 20 once!
I'm also probably going to bumb into Hannah and Emily there, so that's just added fab-ness!

For my actualy birthday, Charlotte, Leanne and Myself are going to see Hunter Hayes in Camden on the 22nd, which means i'm missing Kirsten's birthday and the MMM-POP awards at uni, but when you bae is in town, you don't miss him for anything! Hunter is a country artist and not someone that Charlotte and Leanne would normally choose to listen to, so i'm so grateful that they're coming to see him with me! I think we're going for drinks after to celebrate me actually turning 20 (i'm trying to drag my birthday out for as long as possible, can you tell?)

Now that the fun part of May is outlined, I should actually get back to essay writing :(

Emily xo