The Mowbeck Interview.

Hi guys!

Last night Grantham based band Mowbeck had the first radio play of their debut single on BBC Introducing, the song is Give So Much, and this is the interview:

First of all, where did the name ‘Mowbeck’ come from? 
Andy: Since the start of the project we’d been looking for a name that really summed up the sound we were going for. I think I was driving home from work when Dave suggested to name the band after the river in the town we live (Grantham), so Mowbeck just kinda stayed, we knew straight away it was the one.

If you could name only 3 artists that influenced the way you listen and play music, who would they be and why? 
Dave: Nirvana got me into music so probably them for sure. I’m a big fan of a band called the Xcerts and a band called Memphis May Fire. They’re bands that really make me want to do music. 
Andy: I’ve always had a a great respect for Fleetwood Mac, the whole story of that band totally fascinates me. The Killers and a band called the Maine are two other bands I have constantly have on repeat either in my house or car. My neighbours must know the lyrics too by now! 

If there was one picture to describe the sound of the band what would it look like? And can you draw it? 
Andy: Haha! Dave drew this, he’s a budding artist - what do you think? 
(I could have placed a bet on Dave being the one to do the drawing!)

What is your opinion on spotify and the way artists receive royalties through streaming? 
Andy: I’ve actually always really liked the idea of spotify and what it does. I think it makes this big world of music so much more accessible to music fans. Not everyone can or will spend 99p on a track and although I can understand the frustration of musicians who feel they’re being ripped off, so many people wouldn’t have got into their music without it. 

How do you feel Mowbeck has progressed from previous projects? 
Andy: I think with any new project, the way you see music in general changes quite a bit. I took a long time out just writing music and finding what made me love music in the first place. Once I found it I was lucky enough to manage to get Phil & Dave onboard - it was such a natural click musically. I think now the lyrics are more reflective on our lives than in previous bands and it sounds like… well you’ll hear for yourself! 

First album you bought? 
Phil: Sum 41 - Half Hour of Power (I still listen to it today!!) 
Dave: The Darkness - Permission to Land 
Andy: T.rex & Marc Bolan - The Essential Collection (I couldn’t stop listening) 

If you had to only have one tattoo ever, what would it be? 
Phil: I’d have Andy’s face on my face so then there’d be two of him… 
Andy: Err… 
Dave: Darth Vader on my back. I love star wars. 

Any last words and a message for the fans? 
Andy: Just a big thank you and I’m so glad we’re finally being able to share this with you. I cannot wait to see you all at a show very soon!

Be sure to check the guys out of FACEBOOK and TWITTER, The EP is out in the Spring and it's called Kids of the Summer, and I am so excited and this single is setting the bar high for what is yet to come!

Emily xo