Tampon Tax

Having a period is shit.

Okay, yeah woo i'm not pregnant blah blah blah. But it sucks ass having a period.

Do you know what makes it even worse? Sanitary products are a 'luxury product' and therefor we are charged tax.

TAX. FOR A TAMPON! It is absolutely ludicrous!

Thankfully in 2000 the VAT on these items was reduced from 17.5% to 5% but the question still remains the same, why aren't they free?

The budget was released today and there was no mention of reducing or abolishing the tax, however the labour party have said that if they win the general election then the tax would be completely abolished, which is one step closer to getting free tampons. Every cloud has a silver lining!
However, we all know that when politicians promise something, it usually means that they will do the exact opposite!

All I can suggest you do, is go and sign THIS petition to have it abolished, and then hope and pray that it actually does!

Emily xo