Hi guys.

Last night I made the decision to go on a night out and it was one hell of an experience! I spent the most money i've ever spent on a night out and got more drunk than I have ever been before!

Why am I telling you this?
Because drunken regretful situations are a thing and we all need to be aware of that!

Back in the first semester of the year, a guy that I really liked told me that he liked me. I was so drunk instead of saying something acceptable I said 'Oh, that's nice' and I still bloody regret it! I don't know why I said it and I still don't know why I text him when I was in the still drunk yet starting to get a hangover stage that I think of him more as a friend. Then he got a girlfriend (who is lovely!) and I was left feeling like an absolute knob, and i'm going to have to live with my decisions!

I have learned that having a chart with your best friend over who can get off with the most guys on a night out simply by chatting them up with the one line 'I like your face' will unleash an unbelievable drunk competitive side of me and people (Kirsten) will get injured. I also ended up getting off with some right mingers and had to be saved by a fresher

In hindsight, I regret getting so drunk that I argued with Kirsten in the middle of the street at 3am because of a guy, and I regret being so drunk that I couldn't physically see where she had gone too. I also regret taking the Christmas car park sign from the NCP as a present for her to say sorry.
It was a great sign though!

I also nearly started a fight in Roosters but I don't regret that, the guy was being rude and then sexist and I totally would have punched him if it came to that!
This was sent to Kirsten when I had sobered up and realised everything I had done on a night out!

Emily xo