We Are Recruits

Hi guys!

On the 21st March, North Lincolnshire based band Recruits release their debut EP, and I got a sneak peak at what is to come!

Obviously i'm not going to give too much away as not many people have actually heard it yet, so i'm going to tell you what I can and hopefully entice you in with it!

The EP opens with Right Words and I can actually picture it being performed live! With a likeness to You Me At Six, it is the perfect song to open up the extended play, leaving the next four tracks to live up to the now massive expectations!

Disappear then follows it up and the melodic building of the verse leads up to a chorus that certainly doesn't disappoint. The vocals flow in an effortlessly smooth motion and have you singing along by the end of the track.

I Don't Wanna Know it the middle track and it marks a good half way point and has a slight nod to the direction of the next couple of tracks. The tempo changes ever so slightly, not so much that you wander what has happened, but just enough for there to be enough to notice.

The penultimate song is Broken and the immediate change in pace grabbed my attention from the very start. While the song picks up it is the definite 'slow' song of the EP, and has many lyrics that hit home on so many levels!

Remember You wraps up the EP and once again the opening grabbed me. The a capella start hooked me and it sound almost sort of melancholic. The middle eight shows a complete switch in the song and it slowly builds back up again. This is 100% my favourite song on the EP!

I have had this EP on repeat for the past two days and I'm still enjoying listening to it. As a debut EP these guys are showing off just how talented they really are, there are no wishy-washy lyrics and the production on all the tracks is on par with some of the albums i've purchased from bigger, signed artists!
this EP definitely gets a 10/10 from me!

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Emily xo