The New Year

Hi guys!

It has been absolutely ages since I last wrote a post and I have some valid excuses!
Since we last spoke I have traveled back to Cheltenham, spent my new years eve in my pajamas with my best friend drinking cheap wine and talking about Harry Styles. I have also been on a couple of nights out that led to us all being very drunk and copious amounts of chicken!

I have also completed an assignment, got the results back for another and i'm at the stage of completing one more.
I am exhausted. According to Kirsten I am run down and over tired which is why I am now rather ill, as well as Hannah and Kirsten, so we are having a duvet day and marathoning Gossip Girl in a way to force ourselves to get better before the semester starts on Monday.

But now that we are all caught up, here's my opinions on the new year and what I want 2015 to bring for me.
The new year is where people try to 'reinvent themselves' and up until now, I have always thought that this was stupid. Why wait until the new year to change the way you act?

But i'm still going to give you a list of things i'm going to attempt to do differently in 2015!

1. Stop getting so drunk I end up being an ugly crying mess at 4am.
I've already failed this, but i'm going to try and improve my drinking habits, mainly for my housemates sake as it isn't fun for them to see me in that state! I tend to wake up the next day with a hungover 10 times worse than normal and spend the day consistently apologising to everyone!

2. Stop being so god damn naive.
People in the world are going to hurt me and treat me wrong. I need to stop excusing their actions.
If you think you're being played, call them out.
If you think someone is a bitch to you, call them out.

3. Be happier.
Standard and generic I know, but it needs to happen.
2014 was a rollercoaster year of emotions for me, and the majority of them were bad ones. I am absolutely determined to think about my own happiness and mental health and put myself first for once. And not only when i'm drunk. I'm a selfish bitch when i'm drunk and I need to be more selfish more often. But maybe less of the bitchiness. Maybe.

Those are my top 3. They're a bit different to previous ones but i'm going to work on it!

Emily xo