Recent Favourites

Hi guys!

Instead of doing a monthly favourites I thought I would just update you on a few of the things I have been enjoying recently. I have a feeling that there is going to be a theme to this, at this time of year do you expect anything other than festive themed posts from me?

1. Barry M Nail Polishes.
December is all about festive nail polish and I have been taking full advantage of this! The Silk nail polishes could possibly be my favourites as I find the Gelly ones chipped really easily. At this time of year it is acceptable to have red and green nails and alternate them so i'm currently enjoying doing that, although I prefer darker shades of these colours so they aren't too vibrant!

2. Beau XOXO Glitter Bows.
I've spoken about Beau XOXO products before back in the summer and there is no better hair accessory than a glittery bow at winter! I currently have them in Black, Ruby Red and Gun Metal Grey and I love them all! I chose the mini ones over the normal full sized ones meaning they are perfect for putting at the bottom of plaits or being used in a half up half down sort of do'! (Also I have a right little pea head so I can't wear big bows without looking ridiculous!)
The lovely Georgie who runs Beau XOXO is amazing and her customer service is excellent, she will always reply to tweets and emails as soon as she can and I had my bows within 48 hours of ordering them!

3. Paperchase Christmas Cards.
I went into Paperchase in House Of Fraser with Kirsten last month and saw the perfect cards for me to send out: Christmas themed London Underground Maps! So when I went back in at the end of the month to purchase some during the 3-for-2 sale I was so overwhelmed to see that the ones that I wanted supported the charity MIND, a charity which works with people to help them achieve a better mental health. I didn't realise this until I was in the queue to pay and I actually sent Kirsten back to swap some others over and pick up another packet because I loved them so much and that charity means a lot to me!

4. MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash.
Charlotte purchased this mascara not too long ago and she really didn't like it, however when I gave it a test run I fell in love with it, so when we met up last month she gave it to me, and after using it regularly for the past month I can confirm that this is true love! The brush size threw me at first because it is so small but it works wonders!

5. Bobby Scaife - Stay Low.
Over the past couple of months Booby and I have been working (with the help of Kirsten) on a promotional video which features this song. I can safely say that this song is one of the catchiest songs i've ever heard as after hearing it for as little as 10 seconds I can then spend the rest of the day singing it because it is stuck in my head!
I'm not being bias but the song and the video are pretty damn good and if you want to watch the video then you can click HERE and to go to Bobby's facebook then click HERE.

That's it for today, I would be really grateful if you could go and click on all the links I gave you!

Emily xo