Dear Future Self

Dear 21 Year Old Emily,
Hey, how's it going?

At the moment you're in your second year of university, you live with 6 other people and for the most part you enjoy it.
When I say you enjoy uni life, I mean you enjoy the lifestyle, the drinking and partying, eating crap food and staying in your pyjamas all weekend, that sort of thing.
You don't enjoy your lectures for the most part. You have a 'creative project' to do which you hate and resent your lecturers for, but then on the other hand you're making promotional videos and EPKs for a POM fresher and it seems to be good fun at the moment.

Apart from uni not being too great you also tend to be struggling with day-to-day life a fair bit. You're anxiety got so bad you eventually went to the doctors, it wasn't by choice mind, Kirsten had to practically drag you in there several times to make an appointment. They prescribed you some anti-depressants and when you were asked about it you said you didn't mind, at least they would make you better. But the truth is, you did mind. A lot. You felt weak and like you had let yourself down. You've always been strong willed and this made you feel little that you started to feel seriously crap. But things eventually picked up when the medication got into your system and there have been times when you have been properly laughing again, instead of just faking a smile.

You're awful at keeping your room tidy, so nothing has changed from when you were younger, your wardrobe in your uni house is shocking so everything just goes on the floor or gets shoved to the other side of the bed when you want to go to sleep.

The other day you were convinced you had broken your toe after you were reading your emails and slipped down a stair. It went swollen and bruised and instead of offering sympathy Kirsten sat on the floor and laughed at you. To be fair, it probably looked quite funny!
Kirsten has a habit of looking after you, even though she probably has plenty of other things she could be doing with her time. She even went with you to the hospital with you the other day when you thought something was seriously wrong with your arm, but she refused to give you any sympathy when you had a surprised and unplanned blood test!

I have no real wise words of wisdom for you Emily, so i'm just going to remind you to keep going even when times are tough and you feeling like giving everything up and in the words of the great Professor Dumbledore "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when only one remembers to turn on the light" What a legend he is!

An Aged 19 Emily xo