Christmas Number 3

Hi guys,

I'm back with my third and final Christmas post!
On Christmas eve this year I traveled up to North Yorkshire to spend the holidays with my mums side of the family.
When we arrived I ended up in the freezing cold sprinkling 'Reindeer food' on the front Lawn with Finley, which ended up in us being absolutely covered in glitter!

Christmas day rolled round and after wee had dragged ourselves out of bed and headed down to down the road to my grandmas house for the day. I got some amazing gifts including some One Direction pens (which will obviously be used at uni) and a Paul Hollywood calendar so I can stare at him all year round.

Every year on Boxing day we go to one of my aunties house and have 'The Wright Family Quiz' which first started in 2006. I can now proudly say that I won the quiz (with the help of my team) for the second time in it's history! 
Obviously now that I had the trophy back in my possession I was not going to let it go that easily, so it's making the trip down to Cheltenham with me!

Although my cousin Vicky wasn't in the winning team she was determined to get in on the trophy action, and asked if we could take selfies with the trophy so she could appear in my blog...

The winning team!

Everyone loves a photobombing Auntie!

Of course there was the obligatory cousins photo, which takes a lot of coordination and planning in order to make sure everyone is in frame. However when you have several aunties and uncles pointing cameras at you and saying "one more, look at me" it's hard to know which camera to look at!

Celebrating Christmas has never been the same since my granddad died in the summer of 2012, but having my family around me makes me so happy and each year it gets easier. I haven't laughed this much in so long and this is why I love Christmas so much!

I also recently bought myself a Christmas present recently, I bought my domain name! so I am now no longer, and I am now It's not a massive change but I am so happy to have it!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas if you celebrate it, and if not then I hope you have spent some quality time with your family!

Emily xo