Christmas Number 2

Hi guys!

My last blog post was all about the Christmas I had in Cheltenham, and this one is going to be all about the Christmas I had at the weekend at home.

Two of my best friends Charlotte and Leanne traveled down for the night on Saturday, Charlotte drove as Leanne was still feeling a tad fragile from her uni night out before!
After a much needed catch up and gossip about boys, we headed down to the kitchen as I was attempting to cook my first ever proper meal, a Christmas dinner! I would consider it a success, mainly because no one has died yet!

While it was cooking we attempted to teach Leanne how to play Monopoly, it wasn't easy in the slightest! The game ended up going on for hours and there was only one case of cheating that happened completely by accident, I promise!

After dinner we opened our presents from each other and it's quite clear that we all know each other very well!

We all got each other amazing gifts and I honestly can't recall the last time I laughed that much! We laughed at everyone's expense, Charlotte's love life, me having a 'type', Leanne being a drunk mess constantly and everyone and anyone in between!

I truly treasure every moment spent with these girls as they are few and far between. It was good to be finally reunited again and I already miss them so much!


Emily xo