Christmas Number 1

Hi guys!

I'm currently back home but before I left my uni family we had a mini Christmas!
Our 'Christmas day' started with a trip to Gloucester, the coca-cola truck was in town so Hannah, Kirsten, and myself decided to take full advantage of this to get into the Christmas spirit!
This is the picture that features in the Gloucestershire Citizen, the official picture is online somewhere but Kirsten left the card with the details on in Chelts!

We then came back and procrastinated for as long as possible before Kirsten started to cook the dinner (I was told that I was not allowed to help in any way shape or form other than to peel the carrots) and I started to get some bits and pieces ready for coming home.

It all got a bit hectic in the kitchen, there were 7 of us all trying to get everything ready and trying to crowd around the tiniest dining room table known to man! Eventually we all got ourselves sorted and we sat down to eat, but not after we had opened our secret Santa presents and pulled the slightly lackluster crackers!
Everything was a bit of a squeeze but we managed!

Ryan handed out Christmas cards (mine made me cry) and then passed out the presents which were all amazing! 
As soon as I opened mine I knew who it was from, Kirsten and I know each other far too well! I got 'The Pointless Book' by Alfie Deyes and I started it on the train home.

I got Ryan so I decided to buy him some jelly boobs, playing cards, sweets and a random toy we discovered in Hawkins Bizarre, but I wrapped them all up in a pass the parcel style so there was something new in each layer!
However I think Danny's present to Stephen was the best, he bought him a poncho with a ladies body on who was just in her underwear, which is apparently perfect for film shoots!

Afterwards some friends from other houses came over and we all had a laugh and a drink, before I headed off upstairs to pack. (I didn't pack, I sat in front of my laptop and pretended I was being productive!)

That's it for today, I'll be uploading a 'Christmas Number Two' in the near future because Leanne and Charlotte are coming to stay and I'm attempting to cook!

Emily xo