Winter Wishes

Hi guys!

While it may only be November I think it is fair to say that Winter is well and truly upon us and to celebrate this i'm going to share with you some of my wishes for the upcoming months. Basically if you want to buy me a Christmas present then here is a list of things I would appreciate...

I'm just kidding (I think)

1. A tartan scarf!
This one from BooHoo is gorgeous, and it is only £10 so it's such a bargain!

2. a TRXYE Jumper.
Troye Sivan is possibly one of the cutest guys ever and his EP TRXYE is absolutely amazing! I'm heading to Barcelona in January and I reckon this will keep me nice and cozy! However it costs $40 and takes 2-6 weeks to arrive which sucks!
3. The Fault In Our Stars DVD
This comes out for sale on the 3rd and I am so excited! I first read the book just over a year ago and it's safe to say I absolutely cried like a baby! The film adaptation didn't make me cry, but it is still one of the best book to film adaptions i've seen!

Is this not the most beautiful eye shadow palette you ever did see? There are 10 shades as well as an eye liner which means that this is such a good bargain and it makes me sad that they only have a tester in my local boots and it hasn't been restocked for at least two weeks!

Beauty Blogger and Vlogger, as well as being one of my inspirations, Zoella launched her beauty range last month and it included this body mist which smells absolutely amazing! I've only ever seen the tester for this as it sold out almost immediately in stores and online, which is heartbreaking!

I walked into Clintons with Kirst the other day and I can honestly say I have never loved the scent of a candle more than I love this one! It has such a warm scent that suits the colder months perfectly! 
I could only find this on a US website so if I want to buy it I would either have to order it or pray that my local Clintons doesn't sell out before I have a chance to go and purchase it!

I know i've mentioned this before, but I absolutely LOVE the Great British Bake Off and I have a bit of a soft spot for Mr Hollywood. I went a little bit weird when I saw this in the shops and I was contemplating a Harry Potter one until I saw this (also, Umbridge was on May and I wasn't having any of that!)

I'm sure i've mentioned it approximately 2746384 times on this blog, but I am an absolute Harry Potter nerd! These scarfs look so warm and cosy so I can easily snuggle into in in the colder months. Also, who doesn't want a Gryffindor scarf?!

It's no secret that I absolutely love Harry Potter, and it would be amazing to visit the studios at Christmas time when it is all decorated!

I can't chose which of the 3 is my favourite!I'm not a fan of bold and dramatic eye make-up, so a neutral palette is perfect!

For the past few months I have been on the hunt for the perfect Mascara, and this might just help me out! This set contains 10 different mini mascaras so hopefully I can find a new favourite from the collection!
My love for Real Techniques brushes is a bit over the top, but they are by far my favourite 'budget' brushes! The Core collection has all the face brushes that I need and don't yet have, i.e. a concealer brush and a contouring brush.

Again, I love these brushes, and this Eye Definition Kit is crucial for a good base and finish! They aren't sold individually,so buying all of them means I have an excuse to try out different looks more often!

As a lover of tea and hot chocolate, i'm always on the look out for a new perfect mug! The size of this seems large enough for a reasonable sized cuppa, and the shape means it's easy to hug in your hands!

I have been after an Instax Mini 8 for absolutely AGES because they are such a cute way to treasure memories! The film can be quite expensive to buy, so I would take the pictures sparingly, but they would look so cute on my door or around my mirror! I love the baby pink colour because it is so girly, and it's not something I would have normally chosen until recently!

That's it, 15 of the things that I would buy instantly if I had the money on me!

Emily xo