10 Little Things To Make You Happy

Hi guys!

I'm stealing this post idea off of Kirsten, her blog is HERE.
Basically in an attempt to make myself happy i'm going to list my top ten things that make me happy!
This list is mainly going to be superficial things, because I've written far too many deep and meaningful post recently!

1. Great British Bake Off
This show will always be my favourite and it will always top my list of things that make me happy. It's a fact of life. Sorry.
Also Paul Hollywood is my weird celebrity crush.

2. Tattoos After Dark
This is another tv show that i'm totally in love with! Kirsten and I accidentally found it one day when we were channel hopping and we have been hooked ever since! We are a little bit in love with some of the people on the show, mainly Chris and Justin

3. The Candy Boat
This is a canal boat that travels the country and it moors in lots of different towns. It's got loads of old retro sweets for sale and I got a bit carried away when I went with Charlotte the other day.

4. Harry Potter
Do I really need to explain this one? Everyone knows my intense love for Harry Potter so i'm not even going to write anymore!

5. Peppermint Hot Chocolates
While everyone is off raving about Toffee Nut Lattes i'll be sat in the corner with a classic hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint! For me it is a classic Christmas drink and I live off of them every year!

6. Perfectly Mixed Drinks
You know when you pour a Vodka and Lemonade but the ratio isn't right and it tastes like you're drinking Nail Polish remover?
It's potentially one of the worst things ever so managing to get it right is a major achievement!

7. Spending Hours Doing Nothing in Kirst's Room
I don't think a day as gone by since I moved in where I haven't found myself sat in Kirsten's room doing absolutely nothing, but still having a great time. Sometimes we'll sit and cry at a sad movie, sometimes we will be sat crying with laughter, sometimes when we are both extremely hungover we just sit there being anti social. Whatever we do e always have a laugh and I love that we can sit there in a comfortable silence for sometimes hours on end!

8. Guys With Beards
Again, do I actually need to explain this?
I solely blame Ellie and Kirsten for this, because my taste in guys has changed over the past year!
Some guys look quite trampy with beards, so this isn't a general statement!

9. Fairy Lights
There is something so magical about lights at this time of year! They can instantly make a room look cozier as well as making it look pretty cool with all the bright colours! I don't have enough plug sockets in my room for me to put all of the lights that I want up, but the ones on my chest of drawers so on quite a lot, especially when i'm getting ready in the mornings!

10. Sparklers on Bonfire Night
Sparklers allow me to unleash my inner child, matched with some adjusted camera settings you can get some pretty good pictures! We had some this year and it was so much fun to act like kids again, it was even more fun pretty to be witches and wizards!

Emily xo