What makes me, me?

Hi guys!

This post is all about what makes me the person that I am today.
I've given this list a lot of thought. It all started in year 11 when I was asked to do a presentation in English on this subject, and I was totally stuck for ideas. I've been thinking of the question on and off for the past 4 years and it recently came back to me again in one of my lectures when I was asked to write what makes me, me and I still don't have the faintest of ideas!
I'm 19, i'm still learning and I don't know what makes me the person that I am.

I'm a sarcastic little bitch.
Anyone who has spent any period of time around me will tell you that my response to something will always be sarcastic, however I am trying really hard to reign it in!

When I'm ill, everyone knows.
Suffer in silence? Ha, not likely! If i'm suffering then I want everyone else to know how bad i'm feeling and i'm expecting sympathy! I'm currently feeling really crap and now when anyone asks how i'm feeling then I will immediately tell then my symptoms! The other week when I went to Birmingham with Livy to see Woodward, Livy mentioned she had something wrong with her back, and as i'm never one to miss out on the sympathy train I joined in by saying I had a cold.
Apparently it doesn't count!

I have an evil 'bitch face'
I seem to have perfected this look so much that I do it without thinking about it. If someone is being weird/annoying/irritating then the bitch face comes out without me even knowing it has happened. Although during certain lectures the bitch face is permanently on because the lecturer irritates me to no end!

It is never too early for Christmas.
I'm writing this a while before it actually goes live, but right now Coca-Cola have just launched some new names under the 'Share A Coke' campaign, the names of the reindeer! Some people (Hannah) are complaining about this because after all, it is only October. However I absolutely LOVE Christmas and if I had it my way our Christmas tree would already be up.

If i'm forced to do something, I dig my heels in as much as possible.
This is mainly aimed at lecturers who decide to force students to undertake a 'creative project' to 'unlock the journey to their self discovery'
If i'm forced to do something that to me doesn't seem worthwhile, or if it won't benefit me, then I don't see the point. We were asked as part of this project to write 'Morning Pages' which means that every morning for at least a week we would hand write three pages of thoughts and any ideas that popped into our heads before we had given ourselves the chance to properly wake up.
I hate handwriting when i'm wide awake and able to concentrate, so I hate it even more when i've had to set my alarm early, its freezing cold, and everything is still a bit blurry

But after all that, I still don't know what defines me as a person, and I think i'm okay with that.
In the past i've gotten myself worked up because I don't have a skill or a talent, but recently, i've discovered that that's okay.
I don't even know what my favourite colour is or what I want to have for dinner in the evenings, so how the hell am I supposed to know the reasons behind why I am the way I am?
Someday's I don't want to talk to anyone and I shut myself in my room and have to be coaxed out of my room by Kirsten
Someday's I i'll be in the best mood ever and nothing anyone says can bring me down. Take Thursday night for an example, I was out with Kirsten and Ellie and while we were at a bar in props Ellie turned to us and said she was happy and I realised for the first time in a while, I was too! WE were drunk, but even before that I was having a great time and I realised that I was actually fairly content with life.
But then again, I don't think I want to just be content. I always want to be moving onto new tasks and projects, developing new ideas and being in new cultures and environments.
However sometimes, I just want to curl up in bed with my blanket, a cup of tea and some of my favourite tv shows and films, Great British Bake Off and and Harry Potter.

Basically to clarify the word vomit: I don't know who I am because i'm really only a quarter of the way through my life; I enjoy being content and happy but I want to continue bettering myself; and I freaking love Christmas!

This is who I am, who are you?

Emily xo