The Zoella Article: My Reaction

Hi guys!

Most of you reading this will have no idea what the title of this blog is about.
Zoe Sugg or Zoella as she is better known on the internet is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle Blogger and Vlogger.
For me, she is one of my biggest role models! She started blogging as a way of expressing herself and over the years she has built up an incredible amount of viewers. Not only is she seriously talented in the industries that I want to be in, she has also developed herself into an amazing headstrong business woman by launching her own range of beauty products.

The other day I was on twitter and I saw a lot of my people on my timeline, including very successful youtubers, tweeting the account for the Independent Newspaper over an article that was written about Zoe.

You can read the article written by Chloe Hamilton  HERE.

Now, as you can imagine this pissed a lot of people off. The first thing I picked up on is the fact that Ms. Hamilton is slating the fact that Zoe allegedly tells girls they need to look a certain way to be accepted, yet the opening paragraph is all about how she looks.

Also, Zoe has said many times that she didn't feel comfortable doing Make-Up Tutorials because she wasn't a make up artist, but after many requests from her 6 million+ subscribers she gave in and gave them hat they wanted.
Also, if the author of this article had actually taken time out to do some research on Zoe and her channels and blogs, she would discover that in a recent daily vlog Zoe, was talking all about how you didn't NEED make up and she wears it because she is interested in it.

This article annoyed me because there would be no article if Chloe Hamilton had done some research and not jumped to conclusions, purely after watching a few videos.

Zoe at an event for MAC Cosmetics

Emily xo