October Round Up!

Hi guys!

It seems like the past month has flown by, but here we are about to enter November!
The past month has been quite eventful, so i'm going to quickly go over a few of the key points!

  • I stopped daily blogging. - I hated it, lets be real here! I would get into bed at the end of the day and stress because I hadn't written a post. I prefer just writing a post with actual content once a week or so, and my blog count has been growing ever since I decided to make the change!

  • Sober October Failed. - I think this one was pretty obvious. It turns out that I've drunk on more nights than I haven't and I absolutely blame reverse psychology for that!

  • I've had 3 posts hit 100 reads. - Two of them: Anxiety and The Zoella Article: My Reaction were written this month and i'm incredibly proud of them! the third is called You've Got A Friend In Me and it was either my second or third post and it hit 100 just this afternoon while I was sat in a lecture.

  • Yvonne has Ebola. - This may or may not be true, but she fucked off for 10 days to film a nature documentary in Africa and now she is too ill to come into uni. I'm not saying Ebola, but... Ebola?

  • I enjoyed some lectures. - Hold the phone, WHAT? Yes, you heard me. I have been enjoying some of my E-Marketing lectures and I had my first music industry related lecture today. It's finally nice to be able to say that the money is worth it, even if I am paying £90 a week to 'start the journey to my inner self discovery'

That's it for today

Emily xo