Meet The Housemates (Part 3)

Hi guys!

This is the third and final part on my 'Meet The Housemates' series and it's about the two that get mentioned on here the most; Kirsten and Ellie.

This girl is a fellow GBBO lover and we have an intense love for Iain Watters. When she's angry, drunk or tired you can hear the Welshness in her accent and it's bloody hilarious! She also happens to be the housemate that's been pranked the most, due to her leaving her door open when she went to the shops one day; Cling Film, Toilet Roll and everything on the bed. 3 times in 2 weeks. Oh Dear Helen. She's a die hard Arsenal fan, a music lover, a Harry Potter fan girl and one of the nicest people I've ever met!
I will be the first one to put my hand up and admit i'm lazy, but this girl takes it to the next level! The night after Kirst and I ended up at an accidental foam party we had to wake her up because she'd been asleep for so long. 5 O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON. I guess that's why we get on so well, because the pair of us are too lazy to use the stairs in uni, so we get the lift every time!

Everyone meet my right arm Kirsten! (read her blogs here).
Kirsten is the person that I spend the most time with in this house, mainly because we live next door to each other so in the mornings we just grab blankets or duvets and stroll into each others rooms and get into bed. She also has a TV so she has some uses!
I honestly don't know what I would do without Kirst, she is literally a god send! When I wake up in the morning and i'm feeling ill and I can tell that the day just won't go my way, I can just write a tweet saying 'kiiiiirst' and she will come into my room to find out why i'm feeling crappy (blog post to come) and her solution 9 times out of 10 will be to make me a cup of tea. She also cooks for me which makes her even better!
We have discovered that we are strangely in sync, due to us saying the exact same sentence at the exact same time! We have started watching a TV show called Tattoos After Dark on E4 and we have fallen in love with a piercer called Chris. He's beautiful and we may or may not watch each episode at least twice just so we can stare at his face!

I absolutely love these girls to a point where it's ridiculous! We are all on the same uni course and while we all work ridiculously well together (much to the dismay of our course leader, who is determined to split us up) we are also bad influences on each other! We play Monopoly regularly and it normally ends up in a lot of shouting and swearing and Ellie is normally the loser. We also like to sit in Kirsten's room and force Ellie to watch Disney films with us and annoy her by singing along to every single song.

And that's it, 3 posts to update you on the people I have to put up with for the next year!

Emily x